Gun Adapters & Moulds

Augusta Traders excels in crafting top-notch gun adapters and molds, essential for firearm customization and manufacturing. Their precision-engineered products provide versatility in ammunition and ensure the accurate production of gun components, making Augusta Traders a go-to choice for firearm enthusiasts and manufacturers.


Discover top-tier firepower in our popular products selection. Unleash unrivaled performance with sought-after firearms, accessories, and gear for enthusiasts.

Spindle Adapter For Readi-Reels® and Spools K162-1

Adapter Cable - Female 14 pin Control Cable to Terminal Strip

Gun Adapter Kit, Fast-Mate K3349-1

Connector Kit - LF-72-74, LN-25® Pro, Power Feed® 25M K466-10

FAST-MATE™ Adapter Kit - LN-7-8-9 K489-1

FAST-MATE™ Adapter Kit - 10 Series Feeders K489-7

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